During this summer, the telecom companies in Taiwan, started a business war.

At first, the T telecom gave two tickets to who takes his/her number from other telecom to T telecom. Several days later, the F telecom followed the game rule, Besides two tickets being given to who takes his/her number to F telecom, also included who extend the contract with F telecom(but the difference is continue the contract :only just one ticket).


Then ; unfortunately I have been the F telecom`s customer for ten years, and my contract also ends on the summer, so I went to the F telecom branch store in the Pan-Chung .

I asked the female seller and she was well-selling, so I continued the contract with another two years!.

After a month, I get a mail form the F company, when I open the mail, I cannot believe that, the airplane ticket on the coupon is only one,so ,I feel I was lied by The F telecom.


Then I call the telephone service and asked what happened about this case, after conversation ,then, I knew the truth is:

That day , I went to the store and asked the lady: I want to take my phone number to T company, because they will give me two tickets. The female seller say: sir, you don`t have to take your phone to T telecom, If you continue the contract with us, we also give you the ticket.(but just one ,the seller didn`t tell me.)

Of course, I signed the contract, and I didn`t ask how many tickets I would get and I didn`t see the contract notes only one ticket (the strange thing is ,I remember I checked the lady`s beautiful legs contract under on the table carefully.)

After a day, I told my English teacher, 

I was lied to by the seller`s legs well-selling skill,

Then, I found that the native English speaker won`t be cheated by this selling-skill, because in English ,if one thing is more than two, it have to add 's', behind the word.

So intelligent, you guys are.


Then I google it, why you guys add 's' behind the thing if it is more than two.

So there is a story, long-long time ago , a rich English old king who lost his queen for several days, and one day he saw a beautiful twins on the street, and he want to marry them, because he is king means he can do anything he want in his country, so he asked their father, a poor farmer, the king said: I want to merry your daughter(he do not add 's' at that time) five days later, I would come to there to take my bride ,the father cried because he didn`t want his twins to marry him, but he had to follow the king`s words, so he told his daughters, the oldest daughter cried,  too, because she would get married with a guy she loved in next month, the youngest daughter said: Don`t worry I have an idea.

Five days later, the king came to take his new wife with his guards ,and lots of villagers came to see this wedding, when the king knocked on the door ,the door opened and  only one bride in the house ,then ,he is confused and ask the bride: where is your sister, the bride said: My lord, she got married yesterday, when the king heard and got angry then ,he asked the farmer: you promised me ,your daughter will marry with me, but ,now, what happened?

The bride heard and said: my lord, on that day, you only asked my father: I want to marry your daughter, but you did not say how many people you want to marry with. so I am your only queen right now.

The old king was too angry that he got heart disease and heart attack, before he died he curses: the last rule I created is all my national Engilsh people have to add 's' behind the thing more than two. If you don`t follow the rule ,I will be the ghost to kill you.

so that`s why ,the native English speaker have to add 's' behind the thing more than two.



Thanks, My Kojen english teacher Dimitri help me to correct the article.

If you guys found any mistake in my english article,pls let me know,I would really appreciate you.




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