Last time I went to Hongkong for 3 days.

I visited several favorite and special place in Hongkong.

There is culture shock that I have had in HongKong.

First: Breakfast in tea restaurant:


In Taiwan , we are used to eating sandwich or fried breadstick .

But the first breakfast I ate in Hongkong, is instant noodles.

Yes , instant noodles without any ingredient, only with hot water.

I could not believe what I saw in the restaurant.

I always think that,

the breakfast is the most important meal in a day.


But ,it`s really happen before my eyes.

How poor Hongkong people!!

In that moment, I thought that in my mind.

Fortunately, after instant noodles, they gave me prey package(I google this word, but I can not understand why a bread was called package? )

Prey package with butter , was really good and delicious.


And, the milk tea, I could not feel what`s different between Taiwan milk tea.






And I found that, In hongkong , each restaurant, almost open in the morning and stop service until the midnight,unlike Taiwan.


Maybe the shop front is too expensive.


2.Walking on the left side.


Totally different from us,


It made me a little confused during the travel route.






It`s hard too find a building that is lower than 10 floor, Even around the airport,still can find a lot of big building.


This is only building that is 1 floor  I saw in Hongkong,I don`t who lives there , but I think he /she must be rich.


5.Disney world is really expensive.

Level of consumption in Hongkong almost double Taipei county.

But display world is double to hongkong.


I ate a sambo rice there , I paid 200 NT dollars for it, then I learned how to use “unworthiness” , the bad tasting and super expensive sambo rice that I never ate.



Ps: this one is funny , and it can talk and joke.


That`s all my journey in Hongkong.

Thanks, My Kojen english teacher Dimitri help me to correct the article.

If you guys found any mistake in my english article,pls let me know,I would really appreciate you.




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